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Kyla’s Plan

Advertiser, 29

Kyla works long hours, and wants help with her skin & body shape management.

Collegan Booster for skin & hair growth*
WOMEN'S MULTIVITAMINS for an energy boost
FEMOMETER FASTING APP for staying in shape

Eileen's Plan

Future Mom-to-be, 34

Eileen and her husband have been married for 4 years and they're trying to have a baby. But PCOS is in the way.

Inositol Supplement for PCOS symptom easement*
BBT THERMOMETER & FEMOMETER APP for ovulation detecting
LH & HCG TEST STRIPES for ovulation and pregnancy testing

Ada’s Plan

High School Teacher, 49

Ada has been devoted herself to teaching for 2 years, and aging has been her main concern.

FEMOMETER FACEJOY for younger look
DIM GUMMIES for support premenopausal symptoms

Dr. Jan Rydfors

Chief Medical Officer

MD, Stanford University School Of Medicine

Dr Rydfors received his Medical degree and specialization training from Stanford University Medical Center. He is an Assistant Adjunct Clinical Professor at Stanford University Medical Center and is board certified. He is the initial creator and current Co-Author of the popular "Handbook in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility," now in its sixth edition, the main handbook used by all Obstetricians and Gynecologists in training in the US. He is the Chief Medical Advisor for the American Pregnancy Association. He is the recipient of the Compassionate Doctor and Patient's Choice award.

Meet Our Ingredients

We are constantly searching for the finest ingredients from around the globe. We refuse to compromise on quality. All our partner manufacturers are GMP certified, all our products go through multiple testing processes, and all final packaging is completed in ISO 8 certified clean room environment.

Our products are recognized worldwide


Worth it!

I saved a lot from the membership since it gives you 50% off and free shipping sitewide and you get prime on all their APPs! I am also a repeat customer of their nutrition. For me, the membership is worth it. Great value!

Mandy Andrus- Verified

Every mom needs Femometer

Femometer saved my life. Their APP and BBT thermometer helped me a lot with my first child which turned me a lifetime customer. Their algorithm is surprisingly accurate. I also love my recent purchase from them, especially the Jade Face Roller. Improved my skin so much! All I can say is EVERY WOMAN needs Femometer.

Camille Gutierrez- Verified

Femometer is My Pregnancy Guardian

Looking back to my pregnancy, Femometer has always been there. First, I got pregnant using their Vinca BBT thermometer, the Femometer APP , and the LH & HCG tests. It's a constant struggle. After giving birth, I took their postnatal vitamins to help with milk production and boost energy levels. I am grateful for such a trustworthy brand.

Callie Hoyles- Verified

They know the science.

My Dr recommends their inositol supplements to me for treating my PCOS. I saw great improvements after just 2 bottles. So I got the membership afterward. Also, I tried their App and some other products. They know the science!

Alice Woodward- Verified

Decent quality, nice price.

I've made several purchases from Femometer. Decent quality, nice price. Their timely customer service is so helpful. I'm happy with their return policy and their quick shipping too.

Edie Quinn- Verified

Femometer made my mid-life much easier!

So far, I've tried their DIM gummies which have been a great helper for my menopause symptoms relief. And I love their idea that to know your body is to own your life.

Ivy Griffith- Verified

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