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Getting Smart About Fertility and Cycle Health

Cycle health is a mirror of overall female health. Femometer ring tracks your cycle to give you valuable insights into how your body is doing during your different phases. With continuous monitoring and expert guidance, you'll get a better grip on your body's unique cycle. Understanding these patterns will give you control over your fertility journey and overall health.

  • Boost conception chances

  • Menstrual health management

  • Sleep tracking

  • Overall health monitoring

Experience Ovulation Tracking Like Never Before!

Wearable and non-invasive

The world's first wearable smart ring designed for ovulation and period tracking. Just slip it onto your finger before sleep, and let it read your body's data. The ring continuously monitors your basal body temperature (BBT), eliminating the need for any manual input.

The most accurate results possible

Femometer ring reaches 99% accuracy which is 50% more precise than a period-tracker app or fitness wearable. It detects your temperature every minute to give the most accurate predictions on your most fertile days.

See ovulation changes in real time

By monitoring your body temperature in real time, Femometer ring knows when you will ovulate and can pinpoint 7 best days to conceive, maximizing your chances of getting pregnant each cycle.

How Femometer Ring Works?

  • Wear it to bed

    During the sleep, Femometer ring collects continuous data overnight.

  • Wake up and sync

    In the morning, sync your ring to the APP to see your cycle patterns instantly.

  • See your fertile window

    Femometer pinpoints your 7 most-fertile days and gives clear concpetion guidance within the app.

Boost Your Conception Chances by 150%

Healthy sperm can survive within a woman's body for 3-5 days. Having sex on at the right time, just before and during ovulation enhances the likelihood of conception by a remarkable 150%. With the Femometer ring, you'll accurately identify the 7 prime days for conception and seize every opportunity for pregnancy each cycle.

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Say Goodbye to Unpleasant Trackers

Femometer ring makes ovulation tracking easier than ever. You don’t need to get up early to take your temperature or remember to pee on a stick every morning. Simply put the ring on your finger, and in the morning, you'll observe your real-time ovulation changes.

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Track Your Pregnancy

Once you get pregnant, continue using Femometer to seamlessly track pregnancy, ensuring you stay informed about your health and well-being, and ensuring a healthy and successful pregnancy.

It Knows How Sleep Changes with Your Cycle

The sleep facts

Quality sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy life. Sleep problems can lead to various female health issues, including infertility, irregular cycles, mood changes, increased stress, reduced immunity, and more.

Do you know how you slept last night?

Femometer ring tracks your sleep quality and stages during the night. It compiles data on your deep and light sleep, assigning a score to help you gauge your sleep sufficiency.

How sleep influences your cycle?

Inadequate sleep can trigger hormonal imbalances, resulting in irregular cycles. Prioritize quality sleep to ensure a balanced cycle and optimal well-being throughout different phases of your cycle.

Real-time sleep tracking

Femometer ring collects your sleep data by minute, so you can see how you sleep overnight in real time and have a deep insights of your sleep status.

Enhance Your Sleep Quality

Femometer gathers and examines your unique data to learn about your sleep patterns and their variations across each cycle phase. Receive tailored recommendations to enhance sleep quality aligned with your body's natural rhythms.

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Improve Cycle & Fertility Health

During your period, quality sleep is essential for your body's rejuvenation, restoring internal equilibrium, boosting energy, and helping to improve mood while also alleviating stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

For optimal conception chances, quality sleep forms the foundation for healthy eggs. By tracking, understanding and improving your sleep, you can ensure restful nights and prepare your body for your conception journey.

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Personal Fertility Lab on Your Finger

  • Gathers real-time fertility and sleep data throughout the night.

  • See your unique ovulation patterns and get precise TTC guidance on the app.

  • Enjoy a brighter life with enhanced control over your fertility and well-being.

  • Take your fertility journey into a daily practice without mess and fuss.

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