Sexual Health Kit: Cranberry & Probiotic
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Unique Benefits

Cranberry Concentrate

1. Urinary Tract Health Guardian

  • Effectively relief & prevent UTI
  • Supports bladder, urinary tract, and kidney health

2. Immune Support

  • Enhanced with Vitamin C & E to fight free radicals for immune system and antioxidant support

Women's Probiotics

1. Effective 60 Billion CFU for Digestive Health

  • Clinically studied to support establishment and maintenance of favorable intestinal flora
  • Naturally sourced digestive enzymes to help break down food and promote bowel movements

2. Promote Vaginal Health

  • Helps regulate symptoms like vaginal odor, pH balance, itching, and discharge with rich lactobacillus

3. Good for Immune Function

  • Support immune function by regulating gut microbial communities which impact immune homeostasis
How To Use
What’s Included