BonBaby Earmo2

Forehead and Ear Temperature Measuring Provides Double Protection for Your Baby.

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Dual-Purpose Thermometer

This dual-purpose thermometer can be used for both forehead temperature measuring and ear temperature measuring. Forehead temperature measuring is fast. Ear temperature measuring has accurate results. This thermometer will provide your baby with a more convenient and safer measuring experience.

Minimalist Design, Superb Experience

This thermometer has a brand new minimalist cobblestone-shape design. It can be used for both forehead and ear temperature measuring. The design applied ergonomics. It's comfortable to hold. Measurement can be taken easily by yourself or by others.

The Skin-Friendly Material

Temperature measurement is achieved by the infrared sensor contacting the measuring part. The sensor is covered with soft rubber skin-friendly material. Measurement is taken by direct contact with the ear and the forehead. The device fits perfectly in the ear canal and on the forehead, providing your baby with extremely tender measuring experience.

1s Speedy Measurement

It can be used for both forehead and ear temperature measuring. For both modes, use one hand to hold the device. Let your finger land on top of the button naturally and press gently for measurement. The thermometer is equipped with a high-precision imported infrared sensor. It's a truly single-button-operation and one-second-measurement thermometer.

Clinical-Level Accuracy with a Resolution of 0.1℃

The thermometer is equipped with an original Japanese imported sensor which is in compliance with EU standards, sensitive and reliable. Temperature collection and analysis are accurate for both forehead and ear temperature measuring. The 0.1℃ resolution ensures accurate judgement of whether your baby is having a fever.

Touchable LED Display

The thermometer has a 5*16 dot matrix screen of 80 bright LED lights. Measurements are clearly displayed. They are easy to read even for the elderly. You can check 5 historical temperature data by sliding the screen up and down, so that you can follow the temperature change of your baby at any time. It has blacklight night vision display. You can read the measurement without turning on the light and worrying about waking up your sleeping baby.

  • 80 LED Lights

  • 1 Battery
    1000 Measurements

  • Touch Screen

  • Smart Emoji Alert

Quality Craftsmanship

We designed it with only the best. We take quality very seriously. Before every part and material is settled, it's been tested and inspected thoroughly. Crafted with durable ABS material and embedded with high quality sensor and Bluetooth chip, Earmo is designed to deliver the best quality.


Acquired FDA, CFDA and CE approvals.

Imported ABS Materials, Clean and Environmentally Friendly

The body of the device has adopted imported ABS materials. You just need to wipe it with cotton dipped in alcohol after measurement. The device has non-probe-cover design, clean and environmentally friendly.

BonBaby Earmo2

Provides Double Protection for Your Baby.

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