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Equipped with enthusiasm and
profession, we are willing to do abig thing!

Bangtang is a startup company with the mission of providing intelligent health solutions for family through data collection. We envision a world where mobile internet as its convenience and interaction, plays an important role in improving people’s health status. Currently, we mainly focus on women’s reproductive and children’s general health. Located in China, we are a group of people equipped with enthusiasm and profession, as well as the willing to do a big thing.

Adam Lou CEO

Graduated from Zhejiang University, years of medical industry experience at Lilly and Merck. He was twice recognized for CEO awards, and won the championship of the China Maker competition of 2016.

Zesheng Wu CTO

Graduated from Zhejiang University. Experienced in building sustainable back-end framework and cloud systems. Former technical leader of Xiaomi big data services team and senior software engineer of Tencent.

Susan Ma COO

Graduated from Peking University, Susan worked at Baidu before founded her own company Pinzhong. Being a successful entrepreneur, she also wanted start doing something she really likes and cares. Thus she joined Bangtang, to devote her effort in better improving women and children’s health.